From simple "key-entry" all the way up to integration with other business applications, Qualedi, Inc. grows with your company. We also offers Service Bureau Systems both private (for subsidiaries or internal divisions) and commercial (allowing you to start your own business).

Built for Immediate Productivity
Qualedi delivers the full range of features you are looking for without the complexity of use often associated with powerful software solutions. In fact, Qualedi gives even users with little or no computer experience the ability to handle all incoming and outgoing documents with complete ease. You become productive almost from the moment you install Qualedi since it comes pre-loaded with all the needed document types you request.

Intuitive Flow and Built-in Tips
Qualedi was designed to make trading with your business partners as simple as possible. Its intuitive flow mirrors the way you do business, and it takes advantage of the Microsoft® Windows operating system to make EDI virtually point-and-click easy. The Home screen acts as your To-Do List, providing all the day-to-day functions and information you need to trade electronically with customers, suppliers, and carriers.

New Enhancements
As new technology evolves, you can count on our continuous updates to deliver state-of-the-art software enhancements and new EDI standards data.